Tattoos 21

In life, circumstances are always changing. What we think is good today may be a wrong for tomorrow. This is especially true when it comes to major decisions like getting a tattoo. However, in recent times, the available options for removing a tattoo are growing, and so are advancement in the methods used.

Changing body types - Your weight is no longer what it used to be. You have either lost a lot or gained a lot. It can also be that you have been working out and put on a lot of muscle. On the other hand, perhaps you have just simply gotten older and your skin has loosened, wrinkled and/or sagged.

Breakups - We all know someone, or a friend of a friend who tattooed "Jessica" on his shoulder only break up with her a month later.

Changing views - Maybe you were a rebellious teen making a fearless statement on a positive issue, but since then you're older and have changed some of your views. That symbol you tattooed on your arm is no longer an issue.

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